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About Subconv

Subconv is a python written tool, which help you convert almost any type of movies' subtitles.

With Subconv you are easy able to:
  • change format of subtitles
  • shift
  • scale
  • split into any number of pieces
  • change lasting time of each subtitle (depend on chars, words, lines number etc...).
  • remove special subs for deaf people
  • remove parts of subs matching given regular expression
  • split subtitles' lines to given length
  • change output EOL character

Supported formats are:
  • csv
    Comma separated values (semicolon for real :)). All " in text are replaced with ` to allow nice importing (eg. to spreadsheet program).
  • microdvd
    Format based on frames. Uses given framerate (default is 23.98)
  • subrip,mmm ->,mmm format
  • tmplayer
    hh:mm:ss format
  • notime
    Just subtitles without time info at all (subformat like in microdvd). Only writing in this format is supported.
  • subviewer
    Header + hh:mm:ss.xx,hh:mm:ss.xx format, where xx means 10*ms
  • jacosub
    Some kinda shi... - #params and then hh:mm:ss.xx hh:mm:ss.xx JC sub

Subconv accepts the following time formats:
  • [-][HHh][MMm][SSs][MS]
    where HH, MM, SS stand for any float value and MS is integer
  • [-][FFf]
    where FF is a float value. f refers to frames
eg. -1h10.5s10 - means minus one hour, 10 and half seconds and 10 miliseconds.

Project Site

Subconv has also a project site containing:

  • bug tracking system
  • feature request system
  • releases management Logo Powered by PHP Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!
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